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I’m a father, husband, entrepreneur, visionary, investor and generalist.

Personality Type: Protagonist: ENFJ-A
Working Genius: Galvanizing and Invention

A Little About Alexander


Bruges – Picture by keith Ellwood

I was born and raised in the magnificent city of Bruges, Belgium in 1981, began programming at age 13 (1994), went to university of Ghent to study Computer Science, got my first full-time developer job at 24 (2003). Then moved to the USA in 2006, becoming a citizen in 2011.

I am a happy father of 2 boys and have been married for over 15 years. You can follow my wife’s popular Instagram here.


My own Instagram profile is far less glamorous. I spend my time on LinkedIn, swing by and follow!

Current Projects


INK Editor logo

Together with my awesome partners, Gary and Michael, I’ve created the INK editor for web content optimization. Optimizing content for SEO is really difficult. This project is a pure demonstration of what I’m capable of. From novel AI, to user experience, analytics, development, project management and thought leadership in the marketing space. Get it for FREE at


Edgy Logo

Late 2016, I’ve co-founded an enterprise SEO Agency. This agency has been growing exponentially, becoming the agency of record for multiple Fortune 100 companies and employing dozens of experts. The agency was acquired by multinational Compass UOL in 2021.