What Makes an Awesome Husband

What Makes an Awesome Husband
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All the Love

Now, is it easy to be a great husband? Absolutely not. But if you have the passion, the commitment, the willingness and determination to give 110% to an awesome wife, you are definitely going to be a great guy. You just have to put your heart into the relationship because everyone deserves to be loved.

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He Calls You First

He always calls before he arrives. You’re always heard. If it does, then he’s not the right man for the job.

He Listens

When she talks, he listens. When he talks, she listens. When he shows her a magazine to read some article, she doesn’t roll her eyes and bail. When she has a few seconds, she takes the time to listen. She goes out of her way to show him respect, and he reciprocates that same respect to her. He is always open about showing his feelings, whether it was good or bad.

He Buys You Dinner

Your partner wants to do something special for you. He buys you dinner and something sweet to share. He doesn’t have to try too hard, as long as you both appreciate the effort, you’ll appreciate the gesture. Topping off your favorite drink with his favorite candy is the best way to sweeten his day and yours together.

He Told You It’s Your Birthday

Every year, people celebrate their birthdays with cake, family, friends and lots of other good things. Birthdays are a time for celebration and loved ones to show their appreciation towards you. On birthdays, he will do anything to make you happy, from homemade cakes to simply coming into your world and spending a day with you. They might even buy you a handmade present with best wishes and love in it.

He Never Leaves You

Some husbands feel as if their wife is a needy person, and they just want to provide for her; they never want to leave her. For those men, leaving her was the last thing on their minds. For some, they are not going to be able to leave that relationship because that is just not their personality. Those men often make a great husband because they never leave their spouse feeling as if they are being used or left behind. They know that it is their duty to provide for their wife.

He Texts or Calls Every Day

He leaves her little notes all the time of sweet quotations, funny things and notes with the places he sees her that morning.

This helps her to stay connected to him, and remind her that he is still thinking of her, and that he loves her.

He Waits For You at Home

Should he stay on the job late to meet your needs? Maybe so and maybe not. His job may keep him from being available when you want him to be. What does your husband’s workload have to do with your happiness and life? And more importantly, what does your husband have to do with your happiness and the most important day of your life?

He is the Perfect Fit

Your man is as perfect as you make him to be. Both partners are to put in effort, hard work and time for a relationship to work. There are, however, some common qualities that make a great husband.

He Wants You

You want him, he wants you and that’s good, but you need to understand what he wants from you. It’s important that both persons involved in the relationship understand the roles they play. Here, find out what that might be.

He Respects You

It’s such an easy thing to do that it’s easy to forget it, but it is so important. It’s good to be respected by your husband. It’s not just because he will take care of you more, or that it feels good when you feel good in himself.

He Wants to Spend Quality Time with You

Many men can’t relate to the thought of quality time. They would rather have a job, watch TV, go to an activity or play games with friends. A man should do those things and also spend time with you.

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