Who is Alexander De Ridder?

A staunch Futurist, Alexander started programming at the age of 13 with his first 386 PC. He is the very definition of a “Smart Creative”: a technical professional who loves to solve problems creatively.

Alexander looks at the world and imagines how to make it better. He has an insatiable appetite for problem-solving, and there is no problem too big. Alexander breaks an issue down, designs a comprehensive solution, and quickly builds his team up toward results that speak for themselves.

Alexander’s not just an architect; he’s a builder.

Where he sees a problem, he also sees the potential. Mentorship motivates Alexander because he believes that people are happiest when they live up to their full potential, and he designs solutions that always bring out the best in the both the business and its people.

Throughout his career, he has consulted for over 50 businesses, ranging from Startups to Fortune 100 companies, and continues to develop cutting-edge solutions in a variety of industries. Alexander has proved himself as a thought leader and Entrepreneur by co-founding a total of four companies on the intersection of psychology and technology.

Alexander De Ridder