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By adridderJune 8, 2023In art

A Poem About Traveling Free

On the road, where the wild winds blow,
Where the rivers run, where the tall grass grow.
A journey begins, with a single stride,
In the heart of the wanderer, where dreams reside.

Mountains high, valleys deep and wide,
Oceans vast, with the changing tide.
The world is a book, waiting to be read,
A symphony of experiences, beautifully led.

Traveling free, under the sun’s warm glow,
In the moon’s soft light, on the fresh-fallen snow.
Every path is a story, every step a song,
In every new place, we truly belong.

With open hearts, and minds that yearn,
For the lessons that travel has to teach and learn.
We find ourselves, in the journey’s weave,
In the magic of the moments, we live and believe.

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